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What is the lead time of your tiles?

Our standard lead time is approximately 10-14 weeks from order as the products are manufactured in Sweden and sent via sea freight.  Alternatively we can arrange delivery via air once the tiles are produced which can reduce the total lead time to 4-6 weeks.

Can I get samples?

Yes you can. We typically provide smaller material/colour pieces in a standard box containing 6 different colours to give a feeling for the material and colours.
Contact us and provide us with the NCS codes of the 6 colours your prefer (have a look at our product page to view the colour options), your complete shipping address plus recipient name and telephone number.

What is BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool made of?

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics.

BAUX Acoustic products contains two of the world’s oldest building materials – wood and cement united as cement bound wood wool.

The combination is simple and ingenious. Wood fibre gives the product a heat-insulating, heat retaining and sound-absorbing structure. Cement, a proven and popular building material, is the binder to provide strength, moisture resistance and fire protection.

BAUX Acoustic products are sound absorbant, have high moisture diffusion, high air permeability and the capability of absorbing and releasing water molecules from the air. This allows the exposed BAUX Acoustic discs to even out the relative humidity (RH) in the room. BAUX Acoustic products really have the property that is known as “material that breathes. ”

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products have also been tested for VOC emission and shows very low values.

What functional benefits does BAUX Acoustic products have?

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products have many functional benefits. Our wood wool products absorb sound, regulate moisture, accumulate heat, they’re also fireproof and they have low VOC. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products are effective in absorbing human voice frequencies (500-4000Hz). When BAUX Wood Wool (25 mm thick) is mounted directly onto a wall, the material performs at NRC 0.40 and Alpha-w 0.30 (class D). BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products are moisture resistant and even out air humidity by absorbing or emitting moisture into the ambient air, creating a better indoor climate. The high pH value discourages mold or rot and BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products can be used in bathrooms and swimming pool areas. When using wood wool in shower rooms, BAUX products should only be fixed to the ceiling and not walls. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products naturally accumulate heat, releasing it into the ambient air when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact, and a comfortable indoor climate. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products are A-Classed in surface burning tests by Intertek (ASTM-E84) and classified according to European classification for building products, DIN EN 13501 with rating B-s1,d0.

Where is BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool produced?

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is made by the Swedish company Träullit. Träullit is a traditional family business, founded in 1946 by Lennart Rääf. Today it is headed by his son Bengt Rääf. The company has since made boards and panels of cement bound wood wool. The headquarters and factory are located in Österbymo in southern Östergötland

What is the cost of your products?

We offer a specific price for each project. Please contact us to receive a quote.

What are the measurements of the tiles/panels?

Our TILES come in two different sizes each, and our PANELS come in one size only. Have a look in our catalogue (starting at page 3) to view all measurements available.

How much does one BAUX tile weigh?

The BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels (25 mm thick) weigh approximately 11 kg/m2.

How do I design the pattern?

You can choose from two different options. Either you can choose one of our predesigned patterns, or you can download our toolkit and create your own.

Can I get custom colours?

We can do custom colours and we need the NCS color code (not RGB or Pantone). For larger orders we include custom colouring for free. If you have a smaller order we need to charge extra fees per color since we have certain costs connected to new colours. Test painting must be performed to secure that the paint properly cover the surface.

Can I use BAUX in the bathroom?

The material is moisture resistant and does not rot. Therefore it has often been used in bathrooms and swimming pool houses. If using the material in the shower area it should only be mounted in the ceiling, not on the walls.

Can BAUX be used outdoors?

The material has been used outdoors for decades.  It withstands moisture and does not rot. We recommend using a ledge to protect the material from being exposed to heavy rain.

Is BAUX PVC free?

Yes. The material contains three natural ingredients: wood wool, water and cement.

Is BAUX fire proof?

BAUX has been tested to AS/NZS 3837 for compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC), and achieves a Group 1 classification, the best possible rating. BAUX is suitable for all areas of commercial and residential buildings.

Does BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool withstand moisture?

The moisture-resistant material evens out air humidity by absorbing moisture from or emitting moisture to the ambient air. This contributes to a pleasant indoor climate which is good for both comfort and health. The high pH value also discourages mould and the material is not affected by rot.

How does BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool accumulate heat?

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool stores heat from the ambient air and emits it when the air temperature falls. This contributes to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and a stable and comfortable climate indoors.

Is BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool suitable for sensitive environments?

Measurements show that emissions from BAUX Acoustic products are extremely low. The strong surface can cope with vacuum cleaning, and use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards do not emit dust or particles.

Why are acoustics important?

A well-designed acoustic environment can improve productivity and have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. Noise affects workers in four ways: physiological (sudden and unpleasant noise can increase heartbeat), psychological (sound can either calm us down or raise stress levels), cognitively (how we perceive things which affects our learning capacity) and finally behaviorally (noise can make us more aggressive and less helpful).

What is NRC?

NRC stands for ‘Noise Reduction Coefficient’. It is a rating system that explains how much sound an acoustic product can absorb. NRC ratings range from 0 to 1. An NRC rating of 0 means that the product absorbs no sound. An NRC rating of 1 means that the product absorbs all sound. In other words the higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up the sound.

The thickness and density of a product are two factors in calculating an NRC value. An acoustic product with a .95 NRC rating means that 95% of the sound in the space is absorbed, while the other 5% is reflected.

How should I interpret the sound graph in the catalogue?

The vertical axis is the absorption coefficient, which indicates the level of absorption. Zero (0) means that no sound is absorbed, i.e. 100% of all incoming sound towards the material surface is reflected back into the room again. This is typically true for very hard materials. One (1) means that all sound is absorbed in the material, i.e. no sound is reflected back into the room. A value of 0.5 means that 50% of the incoming sound is absorbed (disappears) and 50% is reflected back into the room.

The horizontal axis is the frequency of the sound (HZ). The higher the frequency, the higher the pitch of the sound you hear.

The curve indicates how much sound BAUX Acoustic products absorb for different frequency spans. BAUX Wood Wool is well equipped to absorb human voice frequencies (between 500-4000Hz). NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb.

The sound graph can be found on specific product pages and in our catalogue for Acoustic Pulp or Acoustic Wood Wool.

Are BAUX products sound isolating?

BAUX products are not designed to block sound and stop noise travel from one room to another. BAUX products are designed to absorb sound and reduce reflections within a space.

How much sound does BAUX absorb?

BAUX is well equipped to absorb human voice frequencies (between 500-4000Hz) and is therefore often used in public spaces, offices and schools. BAUX wood wool 25 mm thickness, directly mounted on the wall or ceiling performs NRC 0.40 and Alpha-w 0.30 (class D). The 3D PIXEL product with an even distribution of thicknesses 25/50/70mm perform NRC 0.60 and Alpha-w 0.50 (class-D) when mounted direct on the wall or ceiling. These values increase when mounting BAUX with an air slot between the wall or ceiling and the BAUX material. To reach higher absorption coefficients you can also use BAUX together with a 40 mm stone wool panel (140 kg/m3). Stone Wool 40 mm behind 25 mm BAUX, directly mounted towards a wall or ceiling, together perform NRC 0.95 and Alpha-w 1.0 (class-A). Contact us for details and advice on your project

Is it possible to achieve a higher acoustical grading?

Yes, if adding stone wool (40mm) behind BAUX Wood Wool, you will be able to achieve A-Class. You can add stone wool to your BAUX order.

How do I install BAUX Acoustic Products?

Using glue is the easiest and fastest way to install BAUX tiles. We suggest a standard fixing glue similar to Casco Superfix or Loctite Powergrab. If you don’t like to use glue, BAUX can also provide tiles backed with magnets. BAUX then also supply metal cassettes or thinner sheets that you install on the wall as a backing to the magnetized tiles. The tiles can then be fixed by hand and rearranged according to taste. The cassettes create an air-gap to the wall, thus improving the sound absorbing properties for the installation slightly. If you prefer magnets you should bear in mind that the creative pattern of the tiles must be adapted to match the dimensions of the cassettes and sheets. A third way to install BAUX is to use screws. BAUX can provide touch up colors for the screw heads.

For detailed installation guidelines, please contact us.

How do I install BAUX Acoustic Products on the ceiling?

There are a number of different ways to attach BAUX wood wool tiles and panels to the ceiling. We suggest either screws or suspending grid systems. In some situations you can also use glue or magnets but local circumstances and conditions need to be taken into account.

For installation installation guidelines, please contact us.

Can you help with the installation at the venue?

For installation advice and mounting instructions, please contact us.

Can I install BAUX Acoustic products in kitchens or wet rooms?

Yes. BAUX Wood Wool is moisture-resistant and the high pH-value of BAUX products discourages mold or mildew, making it rot resistant. BAUX products are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pool areas. When using BAUX products in shower rooms, tiles or panels should only be mounted on the ceiling and not on the walls.

Is it possible to cut the BAUX Acoustic products?

Yes, it is possible to cut our tiles with a circular saw, tiger saw or similar. The colors do not run through the material, so if you cut the tiles, you need to use touch up paint.

How resistant are BAUX Acoustic products to impact and wear?

The combination of wood wool and cement makes the material hard and durable, and is therefore often used in schools or gymnasiums. Surface damages due to heavy impact can easily be covered with good result using touch up paint.

Is BAUX environmentally friendly?

Yes. The BAUX products contain three natural ingredients: wood wool, water and cement. We are also proud that Baux has been approved by Google in a Leed Green Gold project. All raw materials are collected close to the factory to minimize the environmental impact.

How do BAUX work with reducing environmental effect in production?

The spruce is collected close to the factory to minimise the environmental impact, further the used spruce is PEFC and FSC certified. In the production, the entire timber logs are used for production, and waste from other stages of production is all grounded down and reused for new products or used for heating of the factory.

Can BAUX Tiles and Panels be reused?

If screws are used for mounting on the wall or in the ceiling the Panels and the Tiles can gently be removed and reused. If glued directly to the wall with recommended amount of glue used, the Small Tiles can possibly be removed and reused if removed with care. If the Panels & Tiles not can be reused for the project, they can be ground down and reused e.g. as ballast and filling material, moisture absorbent sprinkling, a substrate for running tracks etc.

How do you recycle BAUX Panels?

Wood wool boards may be ground down and recycled (after magnets are removed and glue leftovers scraped off) and used as e.g. as ballast and filling material, moisture absorbent sprinkling, a substrate for running tracks etc.

Is BAUX BREEAM certified?

Yes, BAUX can be used in BREEAM projects. BREEAM does not certify products; however, BAUX Wood Wool is compliant with BREEAM and generates “scores” for different areas of evaluation for BREEAM. The main areas that BREEAM evaluates are substances, emissions (VOC) and responsible purchases.

Is BAUX LEED certified?

Yes, BAUX can be used in LEED projects. LEED does not certify products; however, BAUX Wood Wool is compliant with LEED and generates “scores” for different areas of evaluation for LEED.