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Sustainability is a fundamental part of the core business model.

Designing the sustainable acoustic building materials for tomorrow means producing environmentally friendly materials today. BAUX aims to provide long-lasting functional solutions which help to build societies that support fully sustainable lifestyles.

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What BAUX does

As a global design company, BAUX wants to influence and initiate sustainable design and safe living.

Producing environmentally friendly acoustic products, BAUX challenges consumption-heavy norms and focuses on long-term sustainable solutions. They do this by increasing awareness about good acoustic design and the associated health benefits. Sound-proof designed environments increases productivity, facilitates learning and reduces stress. To reach these goals, BAUX delivers the following benefits:

  1. Extended lifetime for all materials and products.
  2. Designs remain functional over time.
  3. Support and collaborate on projects that redefine boundaries within the building industry by developing environmentally friendly solutions.
  4. All employees at BAUX possess acoustic knowledge.
  5. BAUX can advise architects, interior designers, and other collaborators about benefits of acoustically designed environments.
VOC – Indoor Air Comfort GOLD (EU)

VOC – Indoor Air Comfort GOLD (EU)

VOC – Indoor Air Comfort (US)

VOC – Indoor Air Comfort (US)


Forest Stewardship Council

Endorsement of Forest Certification

The Health Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration

CE – For Safety, Health and Environment


Sunda Hus Certification

Google Portico

BAUX Promise

We use natural, environmentally friendly materials that have a low impact on the environment. All materials used in the production process are evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Tractability to the source of origin.
  2. Zero risk of dangerous content for recycled materials.
  3. Low VOC (Volatile organic compounds).
  4. Ability to recycle and/or reuse materials.
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Social Responsibility

All production methods are sustainable from both an environmental and social perspective. To ensure quality and sustainability in production processes and working environments, we commit to:

  1. Fostering close collaboration and high transparency with partners and manufactures.
  2. High quality working conditions for factory employees.
  3. Using local materials wherever possible to minimize environmental impact.
  4. Using certified materials or materials from suppliers with an environmental focus.
  5. Recycling or reusing at least 80% of the waste from our production processes.
  6. Maximizing the proximity to our customers and reducing our transportation footprint (manufacturing in USA and Sweden, with plans to also produce in Asia).

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